Flooring & Stages

For flooring inside of our marquees you have the option of the beautiful Hoecker Wooden Flooring (which also doubles as a dancefloor ) that we have had brought in from Germany, or Marine Ply Floor with Black Carpet Tiles. For dance floors if you’re thinking a disco vibe we have the black and white tiled dance floor or for a more rustic feel we have either the Parquetry or marine ply dance floor.

(Please keep in mind that if you are wishing to have an outdoors dance floor, we only recommend the marine ply).


Hoecker Wooden Flooring
Marine Ply & Carpet Tiles
Black Carpet Tiles


Marine ply dance floors

2.4 x 3.6mtr
3.6 x 3.6mtr
3.6 x 4.8mtr
3.6 x 5.4mtr
3.6 x 6.0mtr
4.8 x 5.4mtr
5.4 x 6.0mtr

Parquetry Dance Floors

3 x 3mtr Squared
3 x 4mtr Squared
4 x 4mtr Squared
5 x 5mtr Squared

Black & White Tiled dance floors

4 x 4mtr Squared

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